EzGro Tri-Helix Solar Windmill

Believe it or not, there is some inefficiency in the renewable energy industry. For instance, what happens on a windmill farm when there is no wind? What if there are several dreary days and the only energy system a place has are solar panels? A Midwestern company...
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EzGro Deck Garden

The EzGro Deck Garden is a brand new system recently designed to be lighter duty than the Rooftop Garden making it a more affordable solution. It may also be placed atop any flat surface, such as a deck, a...
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EzGro Quad Pots

The Ultimate Stackable Garden Stackable pots are the best way to maximize vertical growing space. One square foot of a traditional garden plot can support just one or two plants, but stacking pots on top of one other allows twenty or...
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EzGro Riga Greenhouses

Why buy a Riga Backyard Greenhouse? If you intend to grow your own food during the winter, then the Riga greenhouse is the most suitable product – it offers more insulation than other units. Its special shape is designed to offer optimal...
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The benefits of Aluminet

ALUMINET (an aluminized shade cloth) is more expensive than black shade cloth. What are the benefits of this shade cloth, and do the benefits justify the increase in price? ALUMINET reduces heat load in the greenhouse. Because of the highly reflective nature of...
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